Rigid 1 BB wheelchair

Sports wheelchair model RIGID ONE, specially designed for Basketball. The model includes all the necessary accessories for the sport. Special modifiactions to suit the individual needs of the athlete arealso availiable. The weight starts from 9,5 kg including all the essentials.

  • Custom build aluminum frame, considering the measurements of the athlete,  the form of his disability, his skill and familiarity with the sport.
  • Optional offensive wings
  • Reinforced seat and back for better confort and stability.
  • Adjustable back, height and angle ( not necessary for small height backs )
  • Adjustable seat and back upholstery. Special modifications availiable.
  • Recessed footrest with adjustable height.
  • Aluminum side guards or welded to the frame for better stability.
  • High performance 24″ or 26″ basketball wheels with double wall rims.
  • High flange hubs and high pressure tires.- Aluminum handrims.
  • Front wheels 75mm
  • Variety camber options to suit everyone (12,13,14,15,16,18, 20°)
  • Anti-tip bar on frame.
  • Wide variety of color choices.